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News & Trends
  • Harvest Season——A brief account of the fourth Silkroad Agricultural Education And Research Innovation Alliance
  • Hu Heping, secretary of the Shaan xi provincial party committee,visited NWAFU for Shanghai cooperation organization (SCO) Survey
  • China-Pakistan Agricultural Biological Resources Research Center was established in NWAFU
  • Experts visited Russian universities for Investigation and Exchange
  • The Delegation of Sumy Regional State of Ukraine Visited NWAFU
  • International Symposium on Green Development and Win-win Cooperation of Countries along the Silk Road was held in NWAFU
  • The Intense Communication of the Silk Road Agricultural Education and Research Innovation Alliance in Beijing
  • Wu Pute met with Dejan Yaksic, President of the University of Novi Sad in Serbia
  • The Second Corporate Training of Grain&Oil Enterprises Held at NWAFU
  • Made in China &Assembled in Russia: Chinese Company Helps Russia Upgrad Public Transport
  • NWAFU’s “Modern Agricultural Demonstration Zone” Unveiled in Kyrgyzstan
  • Modern Agriculture Demonstration Park of NWAFU Inaugurated in Kyrgyzstan
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